Organic hand-picked coffee from Bali

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Our coffee beans are organic, handpicked and sent directly from the hilly communities of Bali Indonesia. It means no chemicals are involved in the growing, production and roasting of the beans. Because the beans are handpicked it means only the ripe red beans are selected by the farmers so that roasting is even and will not spoil the rich aromatic taste of the coffee.

We get the beans directly from the farmers and most important of all adhering to the principles of “fair trade”. This means cutting off the middle traders and giving a fairer price to the farmers.

Delicious meals and homemade cakes/pastries

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We are proud to share some of our homemade food to go along with a great cup of organic coffee. Our selection of pastas, sandwiches, wraps cakes, and pastries are wholesome and full of healthy goodness.

We also feature several favorite snacks and specials from Hokkaido, courtesy of Kayo (our barista-cum-owner from Japan)!

A comfortable open space perfect for events, working, or gatherings

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Our Café will also provide an “open space” for people to share stories, knowledge and experiences with each other. This space is intended for groups to hold small social & formal activities such as book launching, poetry reading, small workshops, meetings, small forums, and even performances.

We have a fantastic open patio with a view of the small hilly forest and the breath-taking sight of the King’s new palace. You can spend your morning, afternoon or evening sitting there, reading, reflecting or just chatting with a friend!

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